We had a lot of expectations coming into Glenwood Springs. It’s the final resting home of notorious gunslinger Doc Holiday, is located just south of upper-class Aspen and is set in a winding canyon right alongside the Colorado river. All this we knew and were prepared for. When we arrived the glorious cliffs did not disappoint, the Colorado was roaring in all it’s glory and the glossy local magazines reflected there’s money in the place.

What we did not expect was the weed.

Slipped in amongst the historic 1893 Colorado Hotel (a favourite of President Roosevelt in his time) and centuries-old vapour caves used by the Ute Indians (now a posh spa) are over 100 dispensaries of local ganja, freely advertizing up to 50+ different strains of medicinal weed. It’s an odd mix and we can’t quite get a grip for how it happened, but I guess these parts have always attracted the eccentric.

Glenwood Springs also surprises in other ways. Despite a mere ~8,000 population it’s got the feel of a big city in a small town. There’s an active theatre scene, plenty of downtown restaurants and a local brewery. Add to that endless options of outdoor activities including hiking, river rafting, rock-climbing, biking and riding…and that’s just the summer roster. It’s a fine melange and the first place we’ve come across outside of CA where we could envision settling down. But then again, we’re a bit odd too….

Biking along the 16-mile Glenwood Canyon Recreational Trail

Late afternoon light on the mountains in Glenwood Canyon

Dandelion in morning light

Polly and Paul on the trail

"green" medicine in downtown Glenwood Springs

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5 Responses to Mountain Air, Gunslingers and…weed? (Glenwood Springs, CO)

  1. Samantha Butler says:

    I guess you two might be setting up permanent roots in this medicinal town, then… heheheeh

  2. […] Location = 4/5 Location is really the one and only attraction of this park. It’s located right in the middle of Glenwood Canyon and alongside the Colorado river, so an absolutely gorgeous spot. There’s access to hiking trails directly from the park including the 16-mile Glenwood Canyon Recreation trail. It’s also only a few miles away from Glenwood Springs. […]

  3. trailcache says:

    That is so funny ! I always knew these parts were about a Rocky Mt. High but when the Medical weed places started popping up it was a little unsettling. I guess if its legal it deletes the bad guys. So let it be. Strawberry Days in Glenwood Springs will soon be called Strawberry Fields Forever Days !

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