“Live life fully while you’re here. Have fun, be crazy, be wierd” Anthony Robbins

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I’ve often been told I’m a little odd. I like to think it’s part of my natural attraction, but it may just be my inner child, or perhaps my inner gnome . Either way, in line with that particular slant to my personality I like to seek out odd things to do, just for the fun of it. You see, doing unusual things really can be fun, especially when you stretch yourself a little. So, driving into St Louis I decided to find the oddest thing to do, and that I did when I came across City Museum.

This wacky place is in the centre of town and is an eclectic mix of old history pieces and architectural collections surrounded by a psychedelic playground. The museum was designed by artist Bob Cassilly and everything in it is made to be climbed, touched, and experienced. Rooms are filled with slides, life-sized slinkys and secret climbing tunnels surrounded by unique exhibits such as the “Puking Pig”, the “Vault Room” (containing a vault from the 1800’s), and the head of a life-size Bowhead Whale. Sprinkled in for fun are a few historical artifacts such as a collection of shoelace machines from the 1890’s, a 1923 Wurlitzer Pipe Organ, an exhibit of insects, and vintage opera posters. And to top it all off, on the 4th floor is one of St Louis’ largest 2nd-hand clothing stores.

It’s all quite nuts and the whole lot of it is sprawls over 600,000 feet of space and 4 levels, including an outdoor area. You could literally spend hours discovering new things in here. The kids who go have a blast, and the adults who participate seem to have even more fun. I crept through a bunch of tunnels, wound my way down a giant slinky,  slipped on the slides and tried on ridiculous outfits in the 2nd-hand store. A thoroughly weird and useful outing.

Fancy a slide?

Clothing for $1 at The Bale Out vintage store

View from the 3rd floor

I wonder where this goes…?

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5 Responses to The Wierdest Little House in St Louis, MO

  1. rvfulltimers says:

    Though I don’t know you that well, you don’t seem odd to me.

  2. Chris Dunphy says:

    The City Museum is one of the coolest places on earth!!! We always make a point to revisit it every time we pass through St. Louis. There is so much to see there, and so many little details.

    I’ve been checking out your blog – excellent work. You should be sure to join the nurvers, and hopefully we will rendezvous sometime out on the road.


    – Chris // http://www.technomadia.com

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