Just a quickie blog post today to let you know our 2012 travel map is back up and running! I keep it pretty much on-track (depending on internet signal) so you’ll always be able to see where we’ve been as well as which posts I wrote in each location. Easiest access is from our “journey” page where I keep all our travels on one page.

2012 Journey

View WheelingIt 2012 in a larger map


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9 Responses to The Travel Map Is Back

  1. rumurphy says:

    Do you ever have issues with getting your Google Maps iframes to stick correctly to posts as maps instead of links. They don’t stick right 90% of the time to our posts and end up just as links.

    • libertatemamo says:

      Yes. Actually my wordpress blog doesn’t even support frames so i had to custom code the map to even show up. Took a while to figure it out, but I think I finally got the code to stick. I’m happy to share the code if you want it, but it’s a bit complicated if you’re not used to HTML coding. Just e-mail me if you want it.

      • rumurphy says:

        Don’t see where I can send you a private message.. and don’t want to post my email address in public. I’m a software developer so coding is not a problem if you got a solution on that front! I tried the googlemaps short code and that didn’t work for me. The editor keeps converting it back as a link or not recognizing it at all. I’ve heard there is a JS work around by editing a php file.. but think I need to pay to customize those files or host my own wordpress site.. neither of which I’m willing to do at this point.. so any good free hacks are greatly appreciated!

        • libertatemamo says:

          I see a gmail for you in my moderator panel, so I’ll go ahead and e-mail you on that. Let me know if you don’t recieve it. As a programmer this will be a breeze for you.

  2. I love this mappy thingy. Next time we meet up, you’ll have to show me HOW TO DO IT. It is SOOOOO COOOL.

    • libertatemamo says:

      It’s actually super easy and free too. All you need is a google account. Once you sign in, go to google maps and then you’ll see an option called my maps. Click on that and start your own map! There’s a tutorial on how to do it in the google maps area, but it’s pretty self intuitive. By the way I’ve lost your blog…the link in the comments on your avatar goes to an empty page? Can you resend.

  3. Shay M says:

    Very cool feature. Something I need to look into.

    • libertatemamo says:

      I do love the map. I do mine under my google account in google maps. Free and very easy to Set-up.

  4. Steve and ML says:

    Since you are now in the vicinity of the Shasta County may i recommend that on your way in or out of Mt Shasta, try to check out the Sundial Bridge in Redding. From there you access a beautiful nine mile hike/bike trail “the Sacramento River Trail” which follows as you guessed it, the Sacramento River. Here are some pictures i took along the bike ride.

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