Our evening view

The evening’s last hurrah

Our morning sunrise

And our brilliant morning sunrise

It’s a day after the “big storm” and I wanted to share my last few impressions.  As many of you commented yesterday, snow is likely the last thing that most folks want to see down here. In my case I’ve a rather nostalgic view of the stuff no doubt supported by the fact that I grew up in Asia and rarely saw it! In fact I’ve only had short forays into the white stuff, even as an adult, and this is the very first time we’ve seen it in our 3 years of RVing. So, for me the passing of a desert winter storm is the stuff of poetry…and it’s all the better for the fact that it’s so rare and lasts so little.

And indeed the winter wonderland passed almost as quickly as it came. After our afternoon of snow there was a brief reprieve, then mother nature decided to give a last big hurrah sending another 2 inches of thick and furious snowflakes (some the size of my hand) before the night’s fall. It was a brilliant end to the day and the night fell eerily silent and chilly cold, a mere whisper of crunch with white powder underfoot.

Morning in the Catalina Mountains

AM hike in the Catalina Mountains

Cholla tree in white

Cholla tree in white

Then this morning the picture faded and the white glory melted away. Slowly at first, then in dripping showers of melted wet that flowed down the road and the sides of our RV. By mid-morning the blue sky had peeked through and by noon there was only a sprinkling of white left on the mountains.

Fast and furious, yet intensely invigorating…aren’t those the most exciting moments in life? I give you my last photos of the snowy day. Who knows, I may never get to blog about this again?

Almost gone....

Almost gone….

The last of the white

The last of the white

Evening rays

Evening rays

Cactus delight

Cactus delight

Morning glory

Morning glory

Shades of white

Shades of white

Oh and in case you wondered what the cats were doing this whole time? Well, I’ll just let them tell you themselves….

It's a hard life ya know...

It’s a hard life ya know…

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26 Responses to And One Snowy Day Later….

  1. Mark Gehring says:

    I was once in Monument Valley with four fresh inches all over the “monuments”, it was magical, and the pictures didn’t come close to conveying the moment …

  2. Bob Nuttmann says:

    Yes snow is very beautiful. Not so much so when you have to commute to work in it and it is cold for 5,6, or 7 months. I also grew up in a snow free area, but absolutely loved driving to the mountains to be in it. Nothing beats a log fire, mountains, pine trees, cabin combination. Right up behind you is Mt Lemon. Should be lots of snow up there.
    Keep writing about good public camping and good boonedocking spots. I am putting them on a google map of places to go starting in six weeks or so. You have kinda got me interested in the OR coast in late spring and going up 395.

  3. Mamabird says:

    I’m saving for an RV and found you through Linda and Howard Payne. I love you posts. They make me smile and lighten my heart. My cats just dont know what theyre in for. :)

  4. Gunta says:

    What great shots of the gorgeous combination of desert and snow. It’s beautiful, probably more so because it doesn’t happen all that often.

  5. Len Schattler says:

    Nina & Paul…your snow adventure reminds me of our Christmas of 2011, which we spent in Columbus, NM just 3 miles from the Mexican border. There to have some dental work done in Los Palomas, we awoke on Christmas morning to about an inch of snow on the ground, and a cold, blustery wind. In our 5 years of fulltiming, we have experienced snow a few times, but never at Christmas…even in Oregon! I guess it’s fitting that in our Nomad way of life, our only White Christmas should come in the desert, just a snowdrift’s distance from Mexico!

    We enjoyed your pictures and narrative! Keep up the good work.

    Len & Laurie Schattler
    Juniper Springs, FL

  6. Russ Krecklow says:

    Lovely magical snowy desert photos, Nina! Really fine photographs of rarely seen beauty!

  7. Sherry says:

    Really beautiful pictures. That was one thing I liked about where we lived in Virginia, we got just enough snow. Sometimes snowed in for a few days but then it would melt. It is beautiful. Problem with where we lived was that it was freezing cold during the winter even when there was no snow. I do love snow if I don’t have to do it for months at a time or drive anywhere in it. It is gorgeous.

  8. LuAnn says:

    I remember living here in AZ what a delightful treat it was to get snow in the desert. So glad you got to experience it! :)

  9. Nice shots. Our early family photo album (grew up in Patagonia) made it look like it either snowed all the time in AZ or there were cactus blooming.
    If you’re up for a drive South on 1-19, I’m playing with my WhetStone duo tomorrow 5-7 at Kristofer’s in Amado.

  10. John Kopotic says:

    I really enjoyed reading your comments about the snow. I think I share your excitement about the snow! I live on St. Simons Island on the GA coast. I think the last time it snowed here was back in ’81 so I don’t see it much.

    It was interesting reading your posts compared to RV Sue’s and the Bayfield Bunch’s. It seems they didn’t share your enthusiasm for the change.

    I agree with Bob Nuttmann, keep writing about good camping spots and boondocking sites. I am planning my retirement (~6 years away) and have many sites to visit now thanks to you!

    Cheers! john

  11. Chuck says:

    And it brings MUCH needed moisture along with the rare beauty!
    Chuck n Geri n the Kanine Kids in T or C, NM

  12. Joan Ritten says:

    I too love the snow. We didn’t see it much growing up in Florida. We have snow on the mountains across Lake Mead. It’s beautiful! Love your pictures.

  13. Ingrid says:

    Although I’ve seen plenty of snow in my life, this snowstorm was magical. Perhaps because its so rare and one does not expect to see snow on cacti. I kept dashing in and out of the RV snapping away….fun. Beautiful shots, as always!

  14. twoscamps says:

    Just found your blog (don’t ask me how!) Looking forward to sharing adventures! -Maureen

  15. Rob says:

    That was the best snow in the world! It looked great in your photos, you didn’t have to shovel it and it was gone the next day.

  16. I’d be more than glad to box the white stuff up and send it to ya’ll but it’s glaciated outside all doors. I agree–great blog–thanks for the excitement! You sure can come here and visit w/o beast & see winter to your heart’s content!

    • libertatemamo says:

      Lol…I think I’ll stick to the 2-day AZ version. Sure do love seeing snow, but probably wouldn’t want a whole winter of it. I’m too much of a cold wimp for that :)

  17. I love the cats having a great time on a magical snowy day.

  18. Alana says:

    Hi, love your blog (we are neophyte trailer campers from BC) We’d love to book in to SCSP but are having trouble figuring out how to do so with limited wifi and phone. Any tips? We are at Santee Lakes for 10 days love it!!!!
    Alana, Gray and Lewis (westie)

    • libertatemamo says:

      Errr..kind of hard to book without a phone or Internet. I’d recommend getting yourselves to a spot with some access (e.g. Starbucks…or just log onto the Santee Lakes system) and then book online. All the AZ state parks are online now. You can also call the park reservation system.

  19. Laura says:

    Your last picture of the cats has me wondering what those two are up to … I think they are whispering and hatching up a plan. If they are like mine, they are planning to nap, eat, repeat.

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