First signs of spring in the desert?

Today we left our short term home at Benson, AZ. I say “home” because that’s what it felt like this past week at the Escapee Park. Not only did we have our own cozy site with personal porch and view of the lovely Dragoon Mountains, but we managed to meet several new (and old) RV buddies. In addition to those already mentioned in previous posts we hung out with Howard&Linda of RV Dreams, long-term blog readers Dave&Nancy, and even Lu&Terry (they were staying just around the corner and came over to sample our newly perfected Mojito Recipe and a sumptuous dinner).

Did I ever mention how socially active this lifestyle is?

By the way you birders out there should head over to PaintYourLandscape to see what Lu&Terry captured the other day. Even I’m impressed (and I’m not exactly much of a birder).

Sunset over the Dragoons as seen from our RV site

Sunset over the Dragoons as seen from our RV site

Aerial view of the SKP Park from the back-side hills

Aerial view of the SKP Park from the back-side hills

Our site at the SKP Park

Our site at the SKP Park

We’ve also been rather amazed at how much there is to see and do around Benson. As well as being a great central location to visit Kartchner Caverns and Tombstone, there’s Bisbee not far away, nearby Amerind Museum (a fabulous Native American Indian Museum), sleepy Wilcox and the stunning Dragoon Mountains (take Middlemarch Road from Hwy 80 just north of Tombstone ~10 miles east to the mountains…where there’s also some pretty neat boondocking sites by the way).

Oh, and if you’re looking for an $18 haircut with an experience to boot I highly recommend Benson local George or Georgio as he was once known (520-342-6748). He’s a personality and three halves who was once a high-flying Los Angeles Hairdresser for the rich and famous. That was before he got fed up “quit his job, left his Armani Suits and went “walk-about” in the desert”. Worth the trip just for the story, I tell ya!

Bye, bye Benson…we may well see ya again.

Just another great sunset

Just another great sunset

Hiking in the Benson hills

Hiking in the Benson hills

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22 Responses to Bye Bye Benson, AZ

  1. Lee and Shelia says:

    Great reading and great pictures (as usual) waiting for the next adventure. We are going to Iowa 4/4/to pick up our 2013 View Profile 24g and then head east to Pa. after which we will go visit friends in Tennessee. We hope to do the Natez Trace north to south then back to California by early May. We will follow you as we go and maybe find you in the desert somewhere or Oregon.

  2. LuAnn says:

    Loved your photo of the Dragoons! Thanks again for the fabulous meal and drinks. We are settled here in Willcox for a couple of nights, having gone to Ft. Bowie today. It is a 1.5 mile hike out to the ruins, which made for an interesting day. Tomorrow into the Chiracahuas we go; then we are outta here as there is nothing going on around Willcox. Thanks for the mention in your post and glad you enjoyed the Elegant Trogon. I’m sure the lizard wanted too impressed! Safe travels. :)

  3. Jan says:

    Once again beautiful pictures and loved the short version about the hairdresser. Are you heading to Phoenix Send me a private email if you will be able to meet up.

  4. placestheygo says:

    Safe travels! Glad you enjoyed your time at the Escapees Park. We haven’t been to one their parks since the east coast. Sounds like a fun time south of Tucson. We’ll have to get further south next time around.

  5. Having spent a few years ranch sitting in the Benson, Tombstone, & Douglas area it will always remain one of our favorite places. Many, many, great memories over the past 5 years or so. Much to see & do for anyone who wants to get out there & see & do them. Great outdoor adventures in the Dragoons, The Mules, the Chiricahuas, the Huachucas, & the Swiss Helm mountains.. And then there’s Bisbee:))

    • libertatemamo says:

      I’m just in the middle of reading through all your old blog posts on Bisbee! We’re here for the next 4 nights and totally digging this place.

  6. We were so glad to have you visit our park, and we’ll be looking forward to your next visit. By the way, your top picture is not necessarily a harbinger of spring. Those yellow fruits are leftovers from last year’s flowers! But they have their own beauty whiuch lasts for months!

    • libertatemamo says:

      I’m so happy I got to meet you both. And thanks for the info on the fruit…you learn something everyday!

  7. sierrasue123 says:

    Looks like a nice park. Interresting how they have those little buildings.
    The area looks like a lot of fun to explore.

    • libertatemamo says:

      It’s actually fun to walk around the park and look at all the different types of casita’s that people have built. Each lot has its own personality.

  8. Mark Gehring says:

    Last year we spent a few days in Patagonia, then one day at the Queen Mine RV park in Bisbee, then a few days at Rusty’s RV Ranch in New Mexico, on the other side of Chiricahua National Monument from Wilcox. We drove in to Chiricahua from the NM side, through Portal – highly recommended if you can do it. The dirt road was very good then, no need for 4WD. The views from Rusty’s were really great too, its very far off the beaten path.

    • libertatemamo says:

      You know I’ve heard of Rusty’s but never stayed there. I need to put that one back on the list.

  9. Didn’t see where you were going to be tonight, but check out:

    for where see the comet panstarr is this evening.

    Bill & Mia

    • libertatemamo says:

      We’ll probably have too many lights to properly see it here in downtown Bisbee but your pics are fabulous!! Cheers for mentioning it.

  10. jil mohr says:

    Glad you liked our little corner of the world…perhaps we will see you in Patagonia…I want to see the Trogan……

  11. Sherry says:

    THose sunset pictures are just gorgeous. Not sure I’ll join escapees but I’d sure like to visit the area, meet the hairdresser and hear the story. Thanks again for the tips!

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