So I’m finally blogging on the new platform after the last weeks’ bruhaha with the transfer. Whoo hooo! Lots of you were kind enough to check in and let me know things were working for you (and a few things that weren’t) so I sure appreciate that! I’ve also added a “mobile” version of the blog so that should show up for those of you reading on mobile devices (see, how techy I am?!)

Which brings me back to blogging. We’re winding down to our last few days here at Sam’s Spa (boo hoo). Our plan is to head off into the boonies where I will unceremoniously dump Paul while I fly back to Europe for a family Christmas. Hubby will be stocked with water, propane and a full fridge (what else do you need, after all?), and just to make sure he doesn’t turn into a complete hermit while I’m gone, I’ve made sure he’s joining a New Year’s Eve party with a bunch of young & rockin’ Nü RVers in the desert. Sounds pretty good, eh?

But we’ve got about a week to go before I go and in that time we’ll drive away from our fancy full hookups and stake out a boondocking spot worthy of kings. It’s always a bit of a transition to go from hookups to boondocking, especially if you’ve spent a bit of time with the former. Suddenly you’ve got to think about water….and heat…and garbage. It’s these small things that keep most folks away from the boonies, especially if temps are forecasted to drop a bit (as they are these next weeks). But, what you get in return are the wide open views, the space and the gorgeous solitude. Plus, you just can’t beat free, right? I’m looking forward to ALOT of boondocking this winter. In fact it’s very possible these next months will become our longest stretch without hookups ever.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. This last week basking in the glory of hookups & hot springs has been pretty darn awesome. I got hubby back last week (always a bonus) and dragged him out for several cool hikes while the weather was good. We went back to Whitewater Preserve (just an awesome spot) and took a longer drive ~40 miles east to the Mecca Hills Wilderness Area. This latter area was a new one for us & turned out to be quite the find. It consists of narrow steep-walled canyons that wind their way through 26,243 acres of BLM land providing slot canyons, ridge hikes and 360-degree views from the Salton Sea to Mexico. There are tons of areas to boondock (it’s a bit sandy, so you just have to pick your spot carefully), plus there are masses of hikes and of course it’s entirely dog-friendly! We took a walk that went along the ridgeline to Sheep Hole Oasis and promptly got completely lost (very few signs out here), but still had a fine time. Definitely a spot that’s going onto our boondocking list for the future.

And of course we’ve been socializing (what else?). A few nights ago we headed downtown to meet Bill & Debby and guzzle some head-sized margaritas at Mirasol (I managed to get a pic of the latter, but totally forgot to take any pics of the former, duh) and we’ve been hanging with our two next-door neighbors, Mike&Molly and Joel&Rebecca, both of which are dog AND cat people (how cool is that??!). Plus, of course we’ve been soaking in the hot springs and becoming both better looking and more intelligent as a result (it’s a confirmed side-effect, you know…).

That’s about it from the spa-birds. Baring any unforeseen jello effects our next post will be from the boooooonies. See ya there!

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43 Responses to Last Few Days At Sam’s Spa – Desert Hot Springs, CA

  1. Lorraine says:

    Love the new site. Have a wonderful Christmas. We will spend the holidays boondocking at the Imperial Dam LTVA near Yuma.

  2. Sherry says:

    Great pictures Nina! I like your FHU/boondocking plans particularly when the former includes hot springs. When I make it to California this is definitely going to be my strategy. Congratulations on your move. The blog looks GREAT!

    • libertatemamo says:

      Glad you like ‘em! We’ve met quite a few blog followers here so word is getting around. It’s a great spot!

  3. You’re a lot warmer than we are! That’s not hardly fair!!

    • libertatemamo says:

      Yeah, I noticed the WHITE STUFF you had posted on your blog yesterday. What is that stuff?? Even with the recent “cold spell” we’re still hitting around 70 midday here. Not too shabby.

  4. Sputnik says:

    Those palm trees and wild desert views are calling my name! Thanks for the link to the Nü RVers…looks like an interesting group.

    • libertatemamo says:

      It’s a pretty special place. The Nü RVers are a cool and funky group. We’ve met many members and enjoyed their company. This New Year will be the first time we’re (or rather Paul will be) joining a planned group event.

  5. Rowanova says:

    Nice post and pics, thanks for sharing. The spa certainly sounds fun, but the boondocking gets my juices flowing no matter the weather.

    I checked you new site with my iPhone and iPad and both seem to be on the desktop site, scaled to the screen size of said devices. Am I doing something to miss the mobile sites?

    • Rowanova says:

      Just tried again and the mobile site came up on the iPhone again, and it’s very nice. Not sure if it’s supposed to be but the desktop site still comes up on the iPad, which fine by me. :-)

      • libertatemamo says:

        Yeah, I noticed the desktop version was on our iPad too. Doesn’t seem to be anyway to “set” that one (that I can see anyway). Thanks for reporting back.

  6. Ralph says:

    Just keep rubbing it in Nina. Hiking in the sunshine,soaking in the hot springs and drinking giant margaritas. I’m up in SW Washington freezing to death and you and Paul are livin’ the good life.
    You really know how to hurt someones feelings! You’re a heartless woman….but you and Paul are still mt heroes! lol

  7. Gaelyn says:

    The best is boondocking not far from hot springs.

  8. TenaciousBago says:

    Oh my….not sure I’ve ever seen Polly so wore out! Bet she slept good after that hike, Lol! Hope you have a safe trip home! Paul will have some extra duties for a little while sounds like.

    • libertatemamo says:

      She was particularly pooped that day. It was a bit hot too, so we actually turned back earlier than usual. She slept (and snored) like a log all afternoon!

  9. Michael says:

    Will Paul be doing any posting in your absence?

    • libertatemamo says:

      Probably not, although I may try and get him to take some pics so I can post them on the blog. I’ll be blogging from Europe though, so you’ll still get posts from me :)

      • Michael says:

        Please let Paul know we are a kinder, gentler group than what he’s experiencing on his other blog and would love to here what he has to say.

        What’s your next boondocking stop?

        Safe travels over the holidays

        • libertatemamo says:

          The next boondocking spot will be revealed soon :) I can tell you it’s a old-time favorite of ours. I’ll definitely tell Paul too. He’ll be happy to hear it.

  10. We are sad to hear Paul isn’t going to blog anymore–we both gained a tremendous amount of investing knowledge from his writing–guess we will just have to email him our questions! :) On to the boondocking! We are both so ready to get out of here, IF we can get out of here!

    • libertatemamo says:

      Sadly, the comments just got too nasty. Don’t know what it is about finance blogs that do it? I’m still working on him though. I know there are alot of folks out there who love his blog.

  11. MonaLiza says:

    Love that red desert sunset! Have a safe trip, Nina.

  12. Michael says:

    Love the new site! I’ve been following your journey for a few months now. Your experiences are helping my thinking about and planning the full timing experience I hope to start after I retire next year. With the blast of cold air that just hit, I was wondering what the two of you do when it’s not so nice to be outside during the day (too cold or too wet)? How do you keep from getting bored or going stir crazy from staying inside?

    • libertatemamo says:

      That’s a good question!! We *try* to go where weather is generally good so we purposefully avoid long days locked inside the RV, but sometimes the weather catches up to you anyway & it’s unavoidable. When we’re stuck inside we do computer stuff, movies, games, cooking…it’s usually fine for a few days, but can get a bit tight beyond that. Of course no matter what the weather we still have to walk the dog 3 times/day so she gets us out regardless.

  13. Paul says:

    I would find it very tough to give up hook-ups and hot springs. Sounds especially appealing with the arctic blast we’re getting in the PNW.
    Mainly wanted to share this link of a too-close encounter between a motorhome and a transit bus. A reminder that patience is a virtue!

    • libertatemamo says:

      Yikes…that certainly was too close for comfort. The hot springs are nice right now, but we’re not getting quite the bad-ass chill you guys are getting up NW. Hitting around 70 daytime here which is not exactly roughing it. What’s that white stuff again??

  14. Rick Morgan says:

    Travel Safe and have a wonderful Christmas. Perhaps we will see you somewhere in the Desert early next year.

  15. Tommy Green says:

    Have you ever thought about adding a small wind turbine that mounts to the latter on the back of the RV? I have look at a a small wind turbine that would charge your batteries on those windy cloudy days and windy nights. I currently am looking to buy an RV to FT as soon as our house sells. I really enjoy following your travels.

    • libertatemamo says:

      You know we haven’t done this since we’re generally not long-term in windy enough areas, but I sure can think of a few times it would have come in handy. I’ve seen a few rigs with these over the years…not many. It’s a cool idea.

  16. Tommy Green says:

    That wind turbine website is:

    There are many other websites that sell similar, I have NO interest in the website or their. Products.

  17. Suasn says:

    I love the photo with the rock trail in it. That looks like a nice area and Hot springs are allways a bonus ! They would be very hard to leave.

    • libertatemamo says:

      That’s the Whitewater Preserve area and it’s as lovely as it looks! It even has a stream. We went twice with doggie. What a cool place! Nina

  18. I love your new banner with the desert sunset and palm:)

    Good that you are enjoying your luxury living with all those hook ups!!

    Enjoy your trip “home” for the holidays! I am sure Paul will totally appreciate you even more when you return:)

    I had no trouble transitioning to your new address.

    • libertatemamo says:

      Thanks guys. Our luxury time is over (as of today)…might be another 3 months or so before we see hookups again.

  19. morninghill says:

    As you were buttoning up this morning, we headed out to Whitewater Preserve with the poodles. All four of us really enjoyed our hike and Addie & Rudy didn’t hesitate getting in the water. Afterwards, we stopped at the Windmill Deli for a date shake. It was sad to see your site vacant when we returned to Sam’s. We’ll dedicate our afternoon spa session to you. Safe travels.

    • libertatemamo says:

      So glad you enjoyed that hike! We’re gonna miss having you as neighbors. Really enjoyed your company, the lovely doggies and our past weeks together! Hope to see ya again down the road. Nina

  20. Randy Warner says:

    Love the pictures and the blog! Looks like you all are enjoying your time in the desert.

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