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  1. Nice place! Can’t wait to see it, too. So, do you guys stick to yourselves mostly, or have you met any interesting people on your travels? Any other fulltimers?

    • We meet all kinds of folks on our travels. In general, we find most RV’ers are real friendly so we end up chatting alot to people we meet on the road. Plenty of full-timers out there…and they’ve definitely helped us with tips on how to cut costs etc.

  2. Just noticed this post. We will have a three day break from RMNP and are staying at Kelly Dahl. Then back to RMNP for four more nights before going to Gunnison, CO. We love the town. We’re new full-timers and haven’t launched yet. Waiting to sell our house. Can’t wait to get started and do some volunteering, too! We’re Verizon users and have a hot spot. Will that help us get computer service there? Happy travels!

    • It’s been many years since we stayed at this campground, so I have no idea if the Verizon signal has improved. Back when we were here (in 2010) there was zero Verizon at the campground, but things could easily have changed since then. If there’s a signal your hotspot will certainly get you online, but if there’s no signal it won’t. You should be able to get online in town (Nederland) no matter what. It’s a gorgeous area overall. Enjoy!


    • Oh by the way, if you do end up staying here I’d love to get an update on the campground and cell signal situation. I’m sure lots has changed since our stay in 2010. So please feel free to comment back here. Have fun!


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