Our sweet new site on Northern Lake Mead, NV

Our sweet site on Northern Lake Mead, NV

A relaxed and very pretty boondocking spot on the northern shore of Lake Mead, NV

Location: Stewarts Point, Lake Mead, NV
Coordinates: Entry to boondocking area around 36.378415,-114.398621. Link to map location HERE
Cost: Lake Mead NRA Fees apply ($10 for 7 days, $30 for a year or America The Beautiful Pass). 15-day stay limit.
How We Found It: We heard about this spot from other bloggers (Ivan and his Kitty have stayed here multiple times) and also found it on freecampsites.net
Nearest Dump/Water: Nearest dump & water is at Echo Bay Marina (free) to the south, or Valley of Fire State Park ($10) to the west. There is an on-site pit toilet, but NO trash.

  1. Access – 3.5/5
    Pretty decent access here. The road down to Stewarts Point is around 3 miles, half of which is bumpy pavement followed by graded, bumpy washboard. The road can be somewhat rough, but easily do-able for any sized-rig. On the way down you pass through a small residential section which has “no camping” signs. Once you get past this to the end (and see the pit toilet) you can camp anywhere with several dirt roads leading along the water-line to various obvious boondocking spots. The vast majority of the sites are to the right along a kind of sharp cliff ~20 feet above the water-line giving great views, but no direct access to the water. There are a select few sites on the left which have water access, but the road becomes significantly softer (and potentially very muddy) as you get closer to the waterline so these are better suited for small, nimble rigs. The higher areas are mostly rocky/firm (although some of the gravel can be deep) whereas spots closer to the water can be chalky and/or soft. Take your toad to scout out sites before bringing in the rig and keep an eye on weather forecasts.
  2. Nature – 5/5
    This is simply a fabulous spot. Pretty much all the sites have full water views with several dirt roads to explore/walk around the area. The lake itself is shimmering blue and you’re only ~10 miles from Valley of Fire for more hiking/exploring.
  3. Isolation – 3.5/5
    Pretty decent isolation here, depending on how close you are to the water and how far along the dirt roads you want to drive. This shoreline here is fairly muddy (not great for swimming) and the area is undeveloped with no boat access so traffic is relatively low. However sites closest to the water (on the left) do get some traffic from local fishermen & a few families esp. on the week-end. If you take the dirt road to the right you’ll be further from the water access, but also much more remote. Sites with better water-views are more popular than those with partial views so consider this when choosing where to park.
  4. Pet Friendliness – 5/5
    Excellent spot for doggie. Lots of space in camp and easy, cactus-free surroundings to walk. The dirt road on the left provides access to the lake, but most of the shoreline is very, very muddy (deep, sticky stuff), so look for a rocky section before taking doggie for a swim (we found a few good sites).

Overall Rating = 4.25
BONUS ALERT = Camp with a full view of gorgeous Lake Mead, NV!

Summary: Stewarts Point is a relaxed boondocking spot on the lesser-visited northern section of Lake Mead. This road lies within the Lake Mead National Recreation Area so there is a fee to entry ($10 for 7 days, $30 for a year, or you can use your America The Beautiful Pass). The shoreline here is comprised of little “cliffs” with no boat access and just a few, limited water-access points to mostly muddy shoreline. Also the nearest town (Overton) is ~14 miles away. For this reason traffic is pretty low making this a much more relaxed spot than our previous location on the southern shore at Government Wash. Access is fairly easy along a somewhat bumpy, but accessible road leading to several boondocking areas along the shoreline. Due to the “cliffs” most sites have excellent water-views, but no water access except for a few limited (and rather soft) sites near the waterline on the left side of the boondocking area. Larger rigs are probably best camping nearer the top, harder section while smaller rigs can be more adventurous and get closer to the water. Some of the dirt roads can be very bumpy and/or washed-out so do scope out your site before bringing in your rig. Mostly the area is very quiet except for the week-end where a few fishermen and families might hit the water-sites on the left. Overall this was an excellent, relaxed spot with Valley of Fire only ~10 miles away and plenty of natural beauty to keep us company during the day. We loved it and will definitely be back!

Extra Info: Excellent Verizon signal (4 fast bars of 3G). On-site pit toilet, but NO other facilities (no water, dump or trash). Nearest dump is at Echo Bay (free) or Valley of Fire State Park ($10).

Driving through the "residential" section down towards Stewards Point

Driving through the “residential” section down towards Stewarts Point. There is no camping here.

The pit toilet. Once you see this you're in the camping area.

The pit toilet. Once you see this you’re in the camping area.

View of our site from the back

View of our site from the back. We stayed on the higher, firmer ground.

View of one of the sites towards the water-line.

View of one of the sites towards the water-line.

A small rig parked right by the waterline. Waaay to soft for us down there.

A small rig parked right by the waterline. Waaay to soft for us down there.

A truck camper in one of the central sites

A truck camper in one of the central sites

Larger rigs on the "cliffs" towards the right-side of the shoreline.

Larger rigs on the “cliffs” towards the right-side of the shoreline.

View from the "cliffs" towards the water access area

View from the “cliffs” towards the water access area

More big rigs parked further along the right-hand dirt road.

More big rigs parked further along the right-hand dirt road.

General map of boondocking area (Note/ the roads shown below the water area actually above water)

General map of boondocking area (Note/ the roads shown below the water area actually above water)

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15 Responses to Boondocking Site Review – Stewarts Point, Lake Mead, NV

  1. Papa says:

    Your review is right on the mark…..

    And you even got a photo in of my 5th wheel……I’m famous now!!!


  2. Mike Kuper says:

    Thanks for posting this Nina. I think we may be up that way by the end of next week.

    • libertatemamo says:

      Cool. Enjoy the area. It’s gorgeous! Just hope it doesn’t get too hot for you. Temps are forecasted to approach 90 down there these next few days. Looks like the weather is finally changing.


  3. Gina says:

    I appreciate your great detailed review. Is it possible to tent camp since there is a pit toilet?

    • libertatemamo says:

      Yup, certainly. Actually we saw several car/tent campers down by the waterline while we were there. You can use the pit toilet, but just have to pack out your trash.


  4. Pleinguy says:

    Hey, I’m there right now; parked on one of the high bluffs overlooking the lake. Spent the day at Valley of Fire SP, then came here on someone’s recommendation. Long views in all directions. 88º today; supposed to get warmer tomorrow.

  5. BadKat says:

    We are at Stewart’s Point and it is fabulous. Stopped at Government Wash but left. This is sooo nice..thank you!

  6. em says:

    are campground fires permitted there?

  7. Steve & Miriam says:

    Thank you for the information. Me and my wife have been full timers for 2 years and are in Denver for the winter then back on the road on May 2015. We boondock as much as we can and love it.

  8. Richard and Sue says:

    Thanks for your great blog. I’ve been following you for a few months while planning our ‘winter get away’, from the snow in SW CO. We checked out Stewart’s Point this week in our cab over camper on our way home from visiting grandsons in Walnut Creek. We love it and will be heading back down there in mid Jan. with our travel trailer. Our dogs were impressed also! Would never have found this place without your input. Thanks!

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